Durable Fabric Sample Frame

Fabric sample frames are an essential component of the apparel design industry and are vital for helping designers make purchasing decisions. Our frame is recognized as the best fabric sample frame that offers superior service over its traditional counterparts. If you’re looking for a durable fabric sample frame to help organize your fabric swatches or swatch books, VIP Samples has got you covered.

At VIP Samples, we provide high-quality, innovative, and versatile frames you can use for all your fabric swatch organizational needs. This durable fabric sample frame is suitable for use with all swatch types. Even after multiple uses, books using Viper Clear Frame maintain their appeal. Fabrics such as silk, upholstery, and sheers especially benefit since this reinforcement doesn’t deter from any of their natural finish. Having developed this frame in response to our client’s concerns, we were proud to learn in a national survey that 100% of interior designers prefer Viper Clear Frame books over the traditional paper framed books.

VIPER Clear Frame

Our VIPER frame is visually appealing and available in various sizes, shapes, and color shades. It provides durable and long-lasting protection for your fabric. The frame also provides a better quality book even after several uses and won’t bend or peel like paper frames. In addition, it delivers flexible, tough reinforcement that won’t yellow or crack, making it the preferred frame for any type of sample.

Our VIPER Clear Frames are available on demand. At VIP Samples, we stock complete inventories of all fabric sample frames and related products. These products are readily available as you need them! At its core, VIPER Clear Frame is a simple idea, but you can find many options and ways for customization when using the frame. When you partner with our experts, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the best experience and service possible.

Viper Clear Frame is just one example of how VIP Samples actively works to provide our customers with the best possible service and experience; partner with us to enjoy more functional and aesthetically pleasing sample books. Call the VIP Samples team at 972-647-8888 to get started today.