Fabric Fan Decks

A custom sample fabric binder will give your clients a polished impression of every presentation. In this increasingly digital world, personalized binders and fan decks bring an element of novelty and originality to the table; they give your customers the chance to physically interact with information and makes them feel more involved with your presentation. Whether you simply want to showcase fabric samples in a unique way, or you are looking to compile engaging images of past projects, customized presentation materials like binders, slip cases, boxes and fabric stack decks are the best answer.

Fabric Sample Binders

VIP Samples creates all of our fabric sample binders, slip cases, boxes, and fan decks when you order, allowing us to craft unique solutions to meet your expectations. With options such as multi-ring three ring binders, swatch programs, color cards and more, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our design and production services. The VIP Samples team will help you design materials that truly meet the needs of your audience. Our industry-leading practices are designed to ensure that you make a strong impression on your clients.

Why VIP?

If you are ready to start building your own custom fabric sample products, contact us today for a free design consultation at 972-647-8888.