In-House Design Philosophy

At VIP Samples, our in-house design team consists of photography, fabric rendering, and design visualization. Our designers come up with captivating ideas meant to engage your clients, our photographers capture those designs, and our visualization team uses scanning technology to give viewers insight into the finest details of the fabric samples, like texture. Texture can be difficult to convey through photos alone; scanning is an important component of proper design visualization.

Sample Card Set of Fabric

The VIP Samples in-house fabric sample design process can customize your sample products to your exact requirements.  Our graphic artists begin by creating a digital layout of your sample product; you will have a clear picture of how your materials will turn out, so you are certain you’re getting precisely what you need. You interact directly with the design team, so communicating your goals and expectations is simple and seamless.

Fabric Stack Books

When the fabric sample process is complete, our professional photographers can take high-quality photos of your new samples, so you may have a striking visual photo to use on your website or digital catalog. These images can be used for any number of marketing materials, or to assist your designers in their decision-making processes.

To learn more about the in-house processes at VIP Samples, contact our team at 972-647-8888 today.