Fabric Sample Catalogs

Custom catalogs allow you to market your business with elevated style and bring a sense of confident sophistication to every presentation. With dynamic visuals and extensive information in one location, potential customers can more actively engage with you. Fabric catalogs are the perfect way to provide a comprehensive and customized product guide to potential clients, showcasing everything you have to offer in a single, convenient package that has been formatted with your unique branding and assets. Custom fabric brochures may also be utilized to display your products in a concise and neat manner.

Fabric Brochures

VIP Samples will utilize in-house product photography for your brochures so your materials look clean and professional; a sample catalog gives you the chance to custom tailor the image you present to the world, which allows you to establish a competitive edge.

Why VIP?

VIP Samples understands the importance that fabric catalogs play in presentations, so we offer made-to-order solutions with in-house designs. Our process hinges on customization, and we offer a variety of unique designs to choose from. Our team of design experts is willing to establish a one-on-one relationship with you to ensure that we effectively bring your brand’s vision to life. Call us at 972-647-8888 to start creating your very own material samples today.