Fabric Sample Books

VIP Samples is the leading provider of sample books, stack books and stack decks.Fabric sample books are the perfect way for your clients to compare a wide range of samples all at once. By investing in high-quality, custom made products, your presentations will appear both professional and memorable. We use the highest quality materials available to ensure that your order is built to last. We handle everything from our in-house design studio, including printing, production, and shipping. That way, you can trust that your fabric samples will maintain a level of unparalleled quality.

Fabric Stack Books

With more than 50 years of industry experience, VIP Samples guarantees that your fabric stack books and stack decks are created to suit your precise needs, and that they help your business stand head and shoulders above the competition. The custom nature of our products means that you will make an instantly unforgettable impression on your clients. Whatever your professional goals, they will be much more attainable with these tools at your disposal.

Why VIP?

As a full-service fabric sample book supplier, we have the capabilities to create eye catching products. Our commitment to quality means that all our fabric samples designed to last. Whatever your specific needs, enjoy the benefits of personalized fabric stack books from VIP Samples. Call us at 972-647-8888 to learn more.