Various colorful upholstery fabric samples.

Fabric Sample Manufacturing Services

VIP Samples offers a variety of in-house fabric sampling services backed with the highest level of expertise. Our services include custom product design and visualization, digital printing, die cutting, foil sampling, fabric swatching, and more. Plus, our state-of-the-art Viper technology is designed specifically to protect your products from wear and tear. For inquiries, call us at (972) 647-8888.

As your Sales & Marketing Partner, VIP offer stress-free solutions to help your business succeed. We provide shipping and distribution on all orders and even offer fulfillment services to ensure your products are delivered directly to your clients. Best of all, you never have to sacrifice quality when working with us. With 70 years of industry experience, VIP is one of the leading fabric sample manufacturing companies in the nation, with a commitment to providing the best customer experience guaranteed. Whether you’re looking to stand-out with new custom fabric binders, or if you need efficient packaging options that will make mailing a breeze, whatever you need, VIP has you covered. Our services are both attractive and effective for the best of both worlds.

In-House Custom Fabric and Product Design

Product Design

VIP’s in-house graphic artists develop the overall layout and production design.  They will create visual concepts that captivate your consumers. All of our services are made-to-order, offering you custom designs and the finest quality guaranteed.

Product Photography 

Our professional digital photographer and our large in-house photo studio can make product photos for your email marketing, your website library, CGI production, and designer CAD programs.

Sample BoardsFabric Rendering and Design Visualization 

With digital photography plus Flatbed Scanning and Roll to Roll Wide Format Scanning, VIP can provide you with a high-quality product design renderings that invites viewers to explore the fabric’s finest textural details. In-house color adjustments and file creation allow for flexibility as well as quick turnaround times.

In-House Printing

Printing Press

Set your company apart with swatch books that are more vivid and visually engaging.  VIP prints on a 40” 6-Color Komori printer with in-line Aqueous Coating.  A 6-Color printer allows for in-line color control to match photo prints as well as spot colors in one pass.

Digital Press 

Digital printing gives us the flexibility to print on multiple surfaces including 3D objects in multi-color.

In-House Production Departments

  • Custom Made Binders and Catalogs
  • Die Cutting/Scoring
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Drilling for Rivets and Posts
  • Sewing & Serging
  • Handles
  • Foil Stamping
  • Film Lamination/ Mylar
  • State of the Art Auto Swatching
  • Framing & Stripping
  • VIPER Clear, fused edges for stack book fabric



VIP has the knowledge in material handling to help manage your Fulfillment Program.  We can receive, produce, inventory, pack, and ship your samples directly to your sales team, customers, or the end user.

Packaging and Distribution

VIP can kit your promotional material for distribution to customers and sales reps.  We make custom box sizes for shipments.  The boxes can have unique logos and promotion information silk screened onto the boxes so even the box can be part of your promotion.

To learn more about the fabric manufacturing services available through VIP Samples, contact us today.

Resource Partner

VIP offers additional services in collaboration with our resource partner.

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