Digital Fabric Printing Services

Our digital fabric printing services use state-of-the-art technology to provide results that are true to the original design. At VIP Samples, we use flatbed sDigital Custom Fabric Sample Bookscanning and Roll to Roll Wide Format scanning to effectively capture a fabric’s texture, color, and detail, so nothing is lost in the translation from physical product to a digital image. Our design team then color corrects and improves the image to make it perfect, ensuring no part of your vision is lost. While nothing can beat seeing and touching a product in person, the image we’re able to create with our digital fabric rendering services is the next best thing!

But maybe you don’t have a physical product yet, only a vision of your fabric design in your mind or some rough ideas. VIP Samples is here to help you design digital fabric swatches for your business and bring your idea to life. Our team will work with you to understand your unique vision, inspiration, and experience with textiles to then design digital fabric swatches that are sure to impress!

Digital Fabric Swatches

At VIP Samples, we want to help you and your designs stand out from the rest with premier digital fabric printing services that use only the most advanced scanning techniques available. The digitalized fabrics will set your company apart from the competition. Having these images, along withDigital Custom Fabric Swatch Cards fabric swatch sample books, swatch cards, catalogs, direct mailers, email, and your website, creates and reflects your brand and brings that vision to life.

We give you a perfect reproduction of the real fabric so the images can be used on online stores or in catalogs, allowing our customers to know exactly what they will get when they order. The images can also be added to your fabric stack books to expand design choices for your customers.

Contact our team of experts and learn more about our custom design services at 972-647-8888