VIP has undertaken a national survey of independent interior designers, specifiers and designers at retail. We have compiled over 20 key statistics that can help designers sell and help distributors improve their selling tools and ultimately increase sales. Below are three of our key findings.

If you are a distributor, contact us to find our more about  “What Interior Designers Want,” and how VIP is working to improve your business. If you are a designer, look for additional surveys on this site.

What Interior Designers Want…

A National Survey by VIP Incorporated

This is an ongoing nationwide study.  So far, a total of 241 designers have participated from California to New York…from Chicago to Dallas.

The study has tried to capture a cross section including independent designers, designers working retail, and specifiers.

Participants experience ranges from 6 months to 30 years.

We have also captured input from designers that work with all facets, including Drapery and upholstery and those that only deal with furniture and accessories (upholstery only)

CategoryNumber Percentage
Independent Designers 11949%
0-5 Years 7230%
5-10 Years7933%
10+ Years 9037%
Drapery & Upholstery15263%
Upholstery Only8937%

A National Survey:

100% of the designers surveyed want sample books clearly identified with color on front, spine, back, and ears of books so that they are easy to retrieve no matter how the book is stored.

99% (85 of 86) of the designers surveyed want sample books made using VIPER Clear Frame technology instead of paper frames

”It Lays better, making it easier to show my clients what their piece will look like.” Cyril L. Chicago

“In our business, presentation is everything, and the Clear Frame™ books show, Sheers, silks, and all fabrics better than paper frames.” Mary Lou K, Dallas

“When I mark a book with the Clear Frame™ backing, it returns to its shape, the paper backed books get all out of shape.” Paul K., Chicago

“Books should be arranged by color, color, color” Sharon C., Dallas

“It is much easier to find and use the books with actual colors on the front, spine, back and sides of the book” Bethany T., Chicago

90% of all designers feel their jobs would be easier if color photos, of patterns, were included on every fabric.

If they can’t get photos on each fabric, they feel color photos integrated throughout the book at each design change, or tabbed at the back would be a good alternative.